RFI Engineering launches smart 4-ports Controller

Amsterdam, November 18, 2015

RFI Engineering, a global provider of smart technologies in a world where billions of devices are active, connected and locatable, announced today the release of a remote access device port controller with 4 clean relay contacts and 5 serial ports.

The smart P(ort)-controller contains 5 serial ports, each of which can be configured fully independent with regards to data rates, parity and stop bits. Up to 4 remote power switches can be connected to remotely control the power of external devices, such as network routers, gateways and other appliances. The P-controller automatically detects the presence of a connected remote power switch. Configuration of the unit is performed through a command line interface.

The remote access P-controller is especially designed to be used in the fast-growing out-of-band management market segment to:

  • Improve response times and customer service
  • Reduce support costs and field service visits
  • Reduce dependency on third parties


RFI’s remote controller can be used as a stand alone or in combination with the recently announced universal data router (U-router).

P-controller main benefits include:

  • Stand-alone operation - The P-controller is a self-contained unit which can be connected to up to 4 separate serial console ports of remote networking equipment.
  • Router operation - The P-controller can be used as a serial port extender of the U-router, giving RFI Engineering’s routers 1-4 additional serial ports and relay contacts.


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